Jun 09, 2021

Sewing & DIY blog

Are you spending innumerable hours searching for ideas and tricks on Pinterest and online? Is your idea of a fun weekend to complete that DIY project that had your name on it? Is your house full with chalks and colours and sewing material and works painted and created by you?

If the above describe you completely, then a DIY & Sewing blog might be just your dream. Besides Pinterest, a social media that contains other articles besides sewing & DIY projects, there are many other sewing & DIY blogs out there for you to explore.

  • Pretty Handy Girl: Brittany Bailey, creator of the Pretty Handy Girl has one of the most successfully DIY blogs out there. Ten years ago she bought with her husband their first house and not long ago did she begin to start doing repair and DIY projects. It was actually her husband’s idea to start a blog. What she wanted was to organize workshops in her garage with women. After his suggestion to start a blog so as to attract more people, she went for it.
  • Shabby Love Blog: Melissa Urban, owner and creator of the blog dedicated some of her time to starting her blog in May, 2011. She is in love with all things vintage and she had more than 4.000 followers on Pinterest. She never thought of herself as a creative person but after starting her blog everything changed. She became hooked and she now absolutely loves everything she is doing, something that is reflected on her followers.

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